How do the Sports Betting Market & controlling your own destiny relate to one another? The sports betting market is similar to the financial markets. Both can be used for financial success. Learn the 3 main segments of the market & how you can use it to control your own destiny and make money consistently.

Sports Betting Market

Sports Bettors can broadly be placed into 3 segments of the betting market. We all fit somewhere and we all control where we end up. In a world filled with negative news about economies locally & abroad, It is extremely important to start planning early when hard earned money is involved. There is no shame in where you are today, all that matters is where you finish. Making money is the most important goal we all have regardless of where you fit into the process currently. Learning to handle adversity & incorporating mental toughness  play a huge role in sports betting success. Conquer that along with the right betting information and you are starting in the right direction.

1.)  New Sports Bettors

What do you remember about your first time betting on sports? I remember having highs & lows. The feeling you get at the beginning watching your team score those touchdowns is pretty awesome. It is easy to get over confident as a new bettor and that is exactly what happens to all new bettors. The downside of getting to confident is that it makes it harder to accept the losing streak that will no doubt happen. The way he or she handles that first losing streak is a large determining factor as to whether or not they will ever have enough faith to believe the REAL possibility that exists to be successful betting on sports. If you are currently new to sports betting don’t wait a second longer to start learning or obtaining good information to help you win. Most likely you only know of very few, if any at all, people that make hundreds of thousands of dollars off the sports betting market alone. It is possible, and in most cases more obtainable then investing in the stock market to build wealth.

Every year new sports bettors enter the market ready to change their lives by earning huge amounts of money.They may be fresh out of high school, heading to college, graduating from college or in many cases they already have a career & family established. So it is not just one group or culture of people, bettors come from all sorts of different backgrounds. The amount of money that hits the Sportsbooks and Las Vegas Casinos are a large part of what helps keep money exchanging hands. The Books try very hard to attract new players every year. Which explains the marketing machine that Sportsbooks, Las Vegas Casinos and even local casinos have built up. Betting on sports for the first time is special and a freedom we all enjoy.

2.)  The Gambler

The next group is the gamblers that come back to the scene who have wagered for longer than 2 to 3 years. They have bet on sports, horses, poker & casino games. This group of bettors usually bet larger amounts than beginners and they are more likely to play parlays and teasers very often & other types of exotic wagers . They will take the time to look up some stats and compare teams overall stats, or maybe even pay for stat sheets, also known as tip sheets.

Gamblers have experienced losing & have lost more than they have ever won overall, but they can’t stop betting because they are addicted to the rush & excitement. They will try from time to time to learn how to invest or use another strategy but are soon bored because the rush & excitement are not the same as gambling. The gambler never stops. Even if they lose their bankroll, the first thing they will do on payday is reload the Sportsbook account or drive to the casino. The gambler knows people who have had success betting and believe that they can eventually figure out how to make themselves successful. Unfortunately far to many will spend all their time chasing the dream of pockets full of money. They screw things up for themselves because they did not take the time  to learn the important steps that must be taken to make their dreams come true.

” My Own Close to Home Gambling Experience “

On a personal note, when I think about gamblers, I always picture my own mom first. As some of you already know I grew up going to the race track with her & was introduced to betting by her when she would take my brother, sister & I to the infield where kids were allowed. I would grab the newspaper & make my own handicapping sheets on those old computers that had black screens with orange and green letters. Even at 8 & 9 years old I I could feel the rush you get when picking the right pony. I have spent many years now as an adult trying so hard to get her to learn some valuable lessons from me about betting and what she could do with all that money she loses on the weekends. I have her set up with locals and try so hard to get her to follow my advice & picks. She likes to play at the casinos more than anything and most of you know how bad the odds are there. It is frustrating watching someone you care about be a gambler, but I also know how hard it can be to stop chasing those large jackpots.

Like I said above, gamblers are in it for the rush and excitement that their few wins bring them. I can’t complain to much because growing up watching her mistakes & heartache that came from her gambling no doubt had at least some part of helping me get to where I am today. I suffered some of the same pain from my own betting when I was in college. I was able to remember all of the times I would get onto her about losing money & promising myself I would not be like that when I grew up. Those memories are exactly what helped me be able to press the reset button after I lost my first 5k plus in college.

If you feel like you are struggling with gambling don’t get down on yourself, it is designed to suck you in and it is designed for you to lose. There is a right way and a wrong way to make money betting just like anything else in life. But first you have to be willing to press the reset button and take the necessary steps to become an investor instead of a gambler.

3.)  Professional Bettors

The last group are the professional bettors who devote all their time & effort strictly to betting. There are Pro Poker players, Pro Sports Bettors, Pro Horse Bettors and so on. Each of them have their own strategy & methods that they will use day in and day out to maintain their status at the top. Personally here at Sports Plays Today, I use more of an investing strategy. Poker players may use more of a statistical method and Horse Handicappers may use more handicapping. Notice I used the word ” more “ , because each will have a fundamental foundation created, but all of us will use every method available in some way or another.


Every professional bettor loses money. Your probably asking yourself what that means. How can I put professionals & losing money in the same sentence?

Answer:  They win more money than they lose.

It sounds simple, even a little naive, but as you will learn as a member at Sports Plays Today, sports betting can be simple if the right strategy is applied. There is no magic bullet or secret out there to change from failure to success. Don’t quit yet because there is something you can learn & come damn close to a magic bullet.

First you have to understand that losing bets are a huge part of the process. Then you need to pay attention & learn your tendencies you have when faced with failure & losing. Then you can begin to change the bad and replace it with sound fundamental strategies.

It will not be easy. After all, our natural instinct is to always want to win. From the time we are little kids all the way up through high school we are taught that winning is the equal to success.

  • Make good grades if you want to go to college
  • Go to college if you want a high paying job
  • Listen to your coach so you can win the next game

Every aspect of life is about being a winner & being successful in some round about way. If you ask me, I would say whoever invented the phrase ” sore loser ” ,  probably had never fought for something so hard that it hurt when the goal was not reached.

I have struggled many times when faced with loss. I find a way to blame myself for overlooking something or making some sort of mental mistake. It is okay to not be happy about losing. But the difference between the professional and the beginner is that the beginner will let losing control their reaction in a negative way. But the professional, also upset about the loss, will not let their anger affect their next decisions.

The goal is to win and nothing else is acceptable when we are betting on anything. Who wants to throw away money? Not me & not you. But make sure you realize that the success you will find betting on sports is in the  ” Long Term Results “. That is why learning to accept losing is so important. But as you can see in the example below,  in the day to day grind there will be wins & losses. Don’t get discouraged,  we all get ticked off losing  when cold hard cash is on the line. But if you only take away one thing from this article today, then understanding to accept losses would be my suggestion.

Let’s Do the Math

When you talk to someone that tells you they have won 57% of their bets & made $1000 dollars for example.

That equates to a record of 114 Wins & 86 losses wagering about $50 dollars every bet.

Those 86 losses probably felt terrible at the time, but as I pointed out above, losing is a part of the process. Make sure you understand this point and read the above paragraphs again if needed. Obviously you will need some winning picks. But winning picks will not help anyone who does not have the mindset of a professional with mental toughness to handle the day to day losses in order to reach the finish line and get paid.

Control Your Own Destiny

All 3 levels are the basic segments of the betting market in a broad sense. We all fit into one piece of the pie at a time. Knowing is important because you can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you are starting from in the first place. All of us have to control our own destiny. Life is not easy and I know you already understand that point. Every news broadcast reminds us all about how hard some people have it out in this economy today. If you know someone who needs help, then help them if you have the means to do so. You never know when you might end up with financial difficulties. I know that does not relate to this article but I am very passionate about helping others. It doesn’t have to be big, maybe go buy some groceries for them, or ask to go air up their tires and fill up the gas tank.

Just remember that you are not the only one who will face challenges and obstacles along the way. Everyone who is successful now had to grind and go through struggles on the way up. Sure there is a small percentage that had it handed to them, but they missed out on the experience that helps us to stay on top.

Before you begin betting this fall make a plan, set some goals, join a membership at Sports Plays Today and control your own destiny.

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