Investing on sports takes patience. The chart below shows the difference in many different situations investing on sports and you can see how much you would win, OR how much you could lose! This is very important to remember while investing on sports. Reality is that most will fail, unless they learn a few simple lessons first.

Now I know, some of the newer players that have not joined yet may look in from time to time and see a 1.3 unit night, or a + 3 unit night and think no biggie right?  Allow me to show you what 1 unit a day looks like after 365 days.

Would an extra $18K , $36K or $50K help you?

It is possible to make over $36,000 dollars profit in one year by investing $50.00 dollars per unit & winning 2 units per day on average.

Sports Bettors

One of the biggest reasons people do not make large amounts of profits is because they do not have patience. The world we live in is all about instant gratification and the sports bettors want to win huge amounts of money instantly.

Winning huge amounts of money instantly does not happen very often. Therefore, what ends up happening is the sports bettor loses focus. They have a bad day,week or month & let their emotions cause them to give up. But if they would instead make a 1 year goal, and expect to have bad days to go with good days, then they would be mentally prepared to keep moving forward.

Sports Investor

The sports investor understands there will be constant ups & downs on their sports investing chart. The sports investor has a goal & plan in place to continue growing their bankroll by keeping & re-investing their profits. This allows them to increase the amount of their unit over time & increase their net profit.

Investing on Sports

Sports investing comes down to mental toughness,discipline & staying focused. All three are attainable by anyone but first they must understand that investing is not gambling. Investing on sports requires strategy & skill. Gambling on sports only requires a wish & a betting option.

It’s never to late to change bad habits. If you are trying to figure out how to become successful investing on sports, then stay focused, get mentally tough & stay disciplined. Otherwise you will never know how things would have turned out down the road.

1 Unit Per Day Chart

This chart should be a real eye opener proving that anyone can start investing on sports. Even if you start out as a $25 per unit investor, you can still attain great profits to re-invest and build your bankroll.

The chart shows you the profits you can make winning 1 unit, 2 units or 3 units per day for a 365 day period.

Units PerDay X 365 days $25 unit $50 unit $100 unit
+1 unit Per Day $9,125/yr $18,250 /yr $36,500 /yr
+2 units Per Day $18,250 /yr $36,500/yr $73,000 /yr
+3 units Per Day
$27,375 /yr $54,750 /yr $109,500/yr


As you can see in the chart, when I say it all adds up, that is because I have experienced it now year after year. You do not have to win every single game, you do not have to find a LOCK of the century. All it takes is understanding how to handicap the games, pick the right spots & stay focused, disciplined & maintain mental toughness.

Now here is the scary part and what causes the majority of people to fail, go into debt, hurt family members & be in a really bad mood the entire time. All of those numbers up above represent winning just 1 unit per day, 2 units per day or 3 units per day.  But if you do not stay focused & disciplined you can see how much money a $25 dollar per unit player loses each year if he or she only loses 1 unit per day. That is the part people do not like to talk about.

I hope you will put a picture of this chart on your desk and refer back to it to help you stay focused towards achieving your goals. This chart only represents someone who does the right thing and follows a strategy of investing the same amount for each unit.

This does not represent the gambler who will get down 10 or 20 units and then decide to raise their unit amount to try and win back all of their losses in a short period of time. When what they should have done is realized that they have all the time in the world to stick to the plan and build it back up and still get to that 1 unit per day average.

I’m speaking from experience when I was 21 years old and didn’t know any better. This is why I think it is important to share my experience and opinions with you today.


Always maintain discipline, focus & mental toughness. It takes patience & understanding each year. If you can remember to stay level headed using that advice then you will start to move up that chart a little more each year. It is not easy, it will never be easy but it is very possible. Believe in yourself, maybe you have failed in the past, failing is a good thing because of the knowledge and experience it brings. Most importantly, become a sports investor & not a sports bettor.

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