Great Monday Night Football game on the card. The two best teams in the NFL currently by some standards. Both teams need this win for better playoff seed. That pick is posted below along with tonight’s full NBA card & projected scores. Plus our latest idea for using NBA projections in round robin parlays.

Blame it on the rain! No, I’m not referring to a football game yesterday, but our Pacers pick instead. We had +11 and the 3 unit pick looks ready to cash. Until the Pacers go stale & only score 2 points in final 5:11. Those kind of beats will drive a man crazy if not prepared. I went against NBA projections and got burnt. If we haven’t talked yet, as you can tell, that game finally pushed me against the edge a little bit. I like getting to talk to you guys about the 1 point losses, it helps both of us I’m sure to get to gripe a little bit.

NBA Projections were 9 & 3 overall last night against the spread for the Full game & first half combined. That is good to see that the teams are playing closer to their averages now and it proves the data is getting stronger. For those who are new, keep in mind that there are also bad nights of NBA projections. If you look back on the blog posts from last season you can see the results for each day using the projections last year. Usually the game is a blowout when the projected scores are off. A team just throws in the towel sometimes.

Round Robin Parlays

I am going to be testing a new strategy the next week and see what the record is for projections picking the straight up winner. If it turns out that the projections can win over 70% of the time then we will start using those projections to pick the straught up winner and add all of them into round robin parlays. I will discuss this further with you in the next few days. Another option would be to play teasers on the teams that are projected to win straight up.

Monday Night Football

Houston Texans vs New England Patriots 


  • Belichick is 7-0 UNDER  vs. incredible offensive teams – scoring 29 or more points/game in the second half of the season
  • New England Patriots are 2-8-0 O/U After 1 ATS Loss & FAVORED BY 3 TO 6.5 NEXT GAME 

NBA Projections

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