NBA teams get a break today which has been rare so far this season. There are four games so the projections will be unlocked today for you to see. Last night premium members had one pick on Denver Nuggets +4 and they ended up covering. They started slow the first half but with a little luck and some great play they were able to catch up and almost win outright. Sunday there is a larger card than normal and I see at least 3 games that we should be investing on if the line comes out the way I am expecting. Today there will be NCAA Basketball picks & NBA picks and a reminder goes out again to use good money management. Thank you for all the compliments coming in I am glad you are doing well. Premium members are 47-24 +42.7 units last 26 days which means a $100 dollar per unit player is up $4200 in less than a month. VIP members who are investing $1500 to $3000 per unit on average are near the $55000 to $60000 mark. While that is good, we want to get more and should as the season continues but I can only give the picks and you have to control your investing habits. I know I talk about it often but there will be a time during the season that a losses will bunch together and if anyone slips up or gets greedy they could end up losing more than they should because of poor decisions.  Good Luck today,

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