Welcome back to NBA projections. I was pleasantly surprised Tuesday on Valentines day by my “sexy mama” wife. For some reason that is what I call her most the time and she kidnapped me to the airport for a nice get away weekend, except it was the middle of the week. I gave Drew one pick on Wednesday for Houston against OKC. I watched the end of that game this morning and it was a close one. Ever since the NBA projections were ready I am happy to report that we are cashing some tickets. We are 46-24 + 40.7 units last 25 days ┬ábeing able to handicap off of the projections and there is still lots of time left for me to use the projections as a part of my handicapping the games. While it has been fun and great to be a part of , it is EXTREMELY important that we all use good money management and expect a losing streak soon. As you have seen, I do not require us to risk to much on one night, but a three day losing streak could cost us 10 to 15 units if it comes our way. Our last losing streak was on January 27th & January 28th where we lost 8 units both days. I wish they could have been smaller but we have overcame it and are still plus the 40 units even with the 16 unit loss those two days. ┬áSo let’s all be smart and ready for a losing day or two. And as long as we are being smart with our units, then it will not matter because we know another winning streak is on the way. I know most of you are well aware that everyday will not be a winning day and we will have losses, but you would be surprised at how many people totally flip out over a couple of losses. My goal is to get everyone on the same page and understand how sports investing really works.



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