NBA Predictions Record

NBA Predictions Record

What are NBA Predictions Spreadsheets?

We have our very own custom NBA Predictions formula that uses a variety of stats to project a final score, first half score & 1st quarter score. These projections give us a predicted final score for each NBA game daily. You can use the predictions to handicap ATS, money line & over/under for every NBA game daily. Even more valuable for some, the 2nd half bets that are available by using the NBA formula predictions. It makes it extremely easy to find betting value.

Why we have the best NBA projections?

We actually keep a complete record of every NBA prediction the formula makes straight up, over/under and against the spread. There is no value when you are getting projections from other places that don’t even keep track of how well those projections performed. We know we have one of the best NBA formulas around and take pride in showing the results of our winning NBA predictions.

Data Created by Formula and how to use it

  • Team Final Score ( Bet Team Totals)
  • Game Score ( Bet ATS – SU – O/U)
  • 1st Half Score ( 1st Half Bets)
  • 1st Quarter Score (Quarter Bets)
  • 1st Half Score use for 2nd half bets

NBA Predictions

Our overall record of the NBA predictions spreadsheets is down below. This is exactly what our premium members have access to daily. Not only do they get our winning NBA picks that have made over 40 units this season, but they also get the projected scores on every NBA game the entire season. Here are a few examples. NBA Picks & Predictions 2/29/2016 and the NBA Picks & Predictions 4/5/2016.

NBA Predictions Record 2017-18

Here is our Premium Members NBA Picks record for the 2017-2018 NBA season. We take advantage of the value on underdogs after checking against the Formula NBA projected scores. Below is the overall record of the NBA Predictions spreadsheets for the 2017-2018 NBA season showing us how well the NBA projected scores formula is doing this season.

NBA Predictions Record 2015-16

Here is the overall record of the NBA Predictions spreadsheets for the 2015-2016 NBA season. I have also posted links to view the record online for your convenience. If you have any questions let me know. Contact Us.

Best to view in Landscape mode if using mobile or tablet.

The NBA Predictions spreadsheets are posted daily under the NBA Predictions category.

NBA Picks

If your membership includes NBA picks, you will receive free of charge my NBA Formula Predictions for every NBA game 7 days a week. I hand pick the best selections from the NBA formula and advise you which games you should invest on with a unit recommendation ranging from 2 to 8 units. After the games are completed, we grade the results for each game to see how the formula did against the spread, straight up and over/under. If you are a serious sports investor and have long term goals of making money investing on NBA Picks then you need to join a membership.

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