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Sports Plays Today provides a respectable & winning sports handicapping service. We help you make a profit plus maintain a healthy bankroll with our sports picks. We will teach you valuable lessons about investing on sports. These lessons along with our winning selections will enable you to achieve long term success & profits as a member at Sports Plays Today. Our clients know they always receive the best sports picks & strategies with over 11 years of documented success and profits.

About JD Wade

Sports Picks RecordI’m JD Wade from Oklahoma City, also known as Investments4you. I’m 36 and married to an art teacher of all things who also owns an art studio. You never would have guessed that if you knew me growing up. I have a 19 year old son who is a freshman at Oklahoma University living in the dorms and a 11 year old daughter in the 5th grade. I use sports statistics with the goal of creating wealth applying market objectives to the sports betting market. I consider myself an expert sports investor / handicapper of all Pro and College Sports with 6 years of documented success to prove my expertise of investing on sports. I’ve  been handicapping sports professionally for the last 17 years.

How did I get started?

It all started when I was a young teenager going to the horse track with my mom who loves to bet on the ponies. That was the first sport I ever learned how to handicap. However my love for football & basketball made it easy to move straight on to handicapping match-ups in the NFL, NBA, CFB, CBB & MLB.

When did I start sharing picks?

I started off sharing my winning picks on a sports forum called Covers.com under the name Investments4you back in 2006. The success and response was so huge that I decided to create this website. At first it was only by invite that you could become a member here. Then in January of 2011 I opened it up to the public.

My clients/followers/members have made a profit following my sports picks & betting strategies 6 out of the last 7 years. You can view my year by year results at the bottom of this page, the home page and the yearly record page.

What makes me different?

As a leader, I know trust is everything. Making profits has always been and will always be our #1 goal investing on sports. However coming in at a very close #2 on my list is being a leader in the industry with 100% transparency of all selections sent to members. My team knows how important that is to me and works extremely hard to make sure our current results are ALWAYS up to date (on a DAILY basis) so you can see the advantages of starting a membership at Sports Plays Today.

My 17 years of experience, strict money management strategies & discipline are the reason why we (my clients & I) all make long term profits together. Our success is solely determined by the return on investment made for clients after the cost of their initial investment on a premium membership.

I’ve experienced all of the ups & downs that come along while investing on sports. My belief from years of experience is that we must keep a positive attitude when a bad day, month or year comes along. Winning is a great feeling, but making long term profits is always most important. That is what you receive as my client at Sports Plays Today, long term profits and success. If you would like to know more about how to become a member, please don’t hesitate to contact me or go ahead and join a membership to start making profits investing on sports like thousands of others have the last 7 years.

JD Wade
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