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Sports Plays Today clients have made a 494% Return on Investment the last 7 years investing at least $100 per unit. We provide the best researched sports picks so you can enjoy the benefits and financial gain from investing on sports.

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Sports Plays Today provides extensively researched expert sports picks to help sports bettors make money investing on professional & college sports against the spread. This includes NFL Picks & NFL Predictions, NBA picks & NBA Predictions, MLB picks, NCAA basketball and College Football picks with profitable sports investing strategies.

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We are the #1 leader in the sports handicapping industry with 100% transparency of all selections sent to members.

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Over 7 years of documented success making profits online for our clients weekly, monthly and yearly.


Formula Predictions

NFL, NBA and College Football betting formulas gives us the edge against the Las Vegas odds. We know where and when to risk more or less with these predictions.

Locks Of the Century

Professional sports investors NEVER use the word LOCK and you will never hear that word from anyone at Sports Plays Today.

Return on Investment

Our #1 Goal is the exact same as your #1 goal. We will make you a return on investment. Our repeat customer list grows every year because we make our clients money.

Research & Data

Handicapping is a predictive science. We utilize our expertise and knowledge to interpret data to find wagering value that will allow us to profit in the sports wagering marketplace.

Gambling vs Investing

Make yourself understand the difference between sports gambling and sports investing. Then put a plan in motion to start investing on sports and stop gambling. You will make long term profits just like our other clients have done for years simply by following our expert sports picks and time tested betting strategies. All it takes is your new attitude as a sports investor focused on sports investing,

Sports Gambling is taking a risk with money that involves Chance that will be lost or squandered due to an uncertain outcome.

Sports Investing is to put money to use by purchasing something that offers a potentially profitable return  that is expected to appreciate in value.

Weekly Picks 2016-17


July 2016 to July 2017.

  • Winning Weeks: 15
  • Losing Weeks: 11
  • Weeks Passed: 0

Weekly Picks 2015-16


July 2015 to July 2016.

  • Winning Weeks: 30
  • Losing Weeks: 17
  • Weeks Passed: 5

Weekly Picks 2014-15


August 2014 to July 2015.

  • Winning Weeks: 30
  • Losing Weeks: 14
  • Weeks Passed: 8

Weekly Picks 2013-14


August 2013 to August 2014.

  • Winning Weeks: 27
  • Losing Weeks: 15
  • Weeks Passed: 10

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If you are being completely honest with yourself, you have lost more money betting on sports then you have ever made. Don’t worry, 95% of the public does lose. You need our help if you want to finally make a profit this year betting on sports. You have the choice right now to drastically increase your income and all it requires is you becoming a wise investor with your money and asking for help. A return on investment can’t ever be made on anything until an initial investment is made in the first place.

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You can view the monthly record of all sports picks each month. The sports picks record for each month dating back to 2010.

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Full year report on all sports picks given to members at Sports Plays Today and the last 7 years results with profits.

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How to Be Successful Investing on Sports

How to Be Successful Investing on Sports

Investing on sports takes patience. The chart below shows the difference in many different situations investing on sports and you can see how much you would win, OR how much you could lose! This is very important to remember while investing on sports. Reality is that...


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