NBA Projections Against the Spread TNT Thursday | 3 Day Tally 19-8 ATS Projections

NBA Projections Against the Spread TNT Thursday | 3 Day Tally 19-8 ATS Projections

NBA Projections against the spread had a record of 8-3 yesterday to make the 3 day tally 19-8 ATS. Thanks to one of our members here for pointing that out and congratulations to his success. My premium picks were 2-2 last night with 0-1 NCAA Basketball and 2-1 NBA picks to make the 8 day streak 23-12 +22u. Needless to say, things are going good for Sports Plays Today members and the NBA season is young. Sometimes it is easy to get caught up in success day after day and I think it is important to remind all of us including myself, that everyday can’t be a winning day. So make sure you are not raising your units to fast or the amount invested per game. Being successful investing on sports takes discipline and consistency. Good Luck tonight.



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  1. Lowry listed as doubtful for Houston tonight. It is strange seeing Suns as a 4 pt favorite because they are most often a 4pt dog. The Suns have not won very many times in front of their home crowd and Houston is on back to back. I think maybe that is why the large discrepancy in the spread.

  2. I can’t understand why Boston is only 3.5 favorite. The Lakers bench has sucked all season and Boston has all of their players back healthy.I think Boston ml is what I am going to take. Good Luck Invest.

  3. Yes there will be nights like this. So far this season there has only been 2 other nights that we passed on all games. But tonight we will have a play on something whether it be 2nd half or full game or live action. GL bud.

    PHOENIX is 2-11 ATS (-10.1 Units) revenging a road loss vs opponent of 10 points or more over the last 2 seasons.

    This stat was interesting.

  4. Gphers should have won that game guys.Wisconsin is nothing but a bunch of Uncle Toms out there playing 1940 style basketball. i hate Wisconsin more than any other college team. Come on Invest I want another pick tonight. We can’t end the night losing 1 pick without trying to make it back up.

  5. Everything will be okay BudSmoker. You sound kind of angry like maybe something else is bothering you. Be positive my friend and maybe even smoke you something to relax. I happen to believe that if God put it on earth and it does not kill us, it must be okay with him.

    But I disagree with him giving another pick unless there is one he already planned on.That is what I have problems with betting on my own. I will keep betting another game trying to win back from the game I lost. Usually I end up losing 3 in a row instead of waiting until the next day for better options. What are your thoughts Jd. Is that what you try to teach us when you say be patient and not to force games?

  6. You don’t have to take my advice. But you should think about giving all the games out as picks. Have you ever considered betting 2 units on ever game and then the games that you like the most betting 4 units or 6 units? Because you could be up over 40 units in the past 5 days alone just by betting the scores. With those kind of numbers even if the projections had a bad night or two it would not matter. You are the expert but sometimes it takes a little push in the right direction to help somebody change their ways. Thanks again, I am 3-0 so far tonight plus 6 units. I hope you had a good night off besides the college game. You deserve it.

  7. Congrats bud. All good questions, and simple if you think about it from a different point of view. Then once you see both sides everyone is right. There is not a wrong way or just one way to go about it.

    There are members that may not want to risk 15k or 20k depending on their limits on 8 games a night. I do not risk that amount but have members that do. So I pick the games I like the best and give it to them. They are all happy right now with money in their pocket.

    Then I have members that like to handicap sports,they are trying to get better and they like to compare what I pick with what they pick. If they both agree they take it.

    There are members that don’t know how to handicap but want to start investing with a small bankroll and I set them up a plan to wager every single projection for small amounts.

    I could list probably 3 to 5 more different types of members. I like to believe that is one of the reasons we are able to attract so many members because it sets up to work for all different realms of life. Beginner, Intermediate, Professional and Experts. I spent a large part of my twenties coming up with projections and formulas and I am happy to share with members. And you make a good point just like others who have left messages the past couple of nights make good points. I could give out every game and be very successful. Instead I try to make it a point to everyone that they should pick extra games out on their own. Some people ask for help, some do it on their own, and some people will never realize what they are missing.

    You keep on doing what your doing and make as much money as you can. That is the goal for all of us and no matter which way we end up doing it, the goal remains the same. Cheers.

  8. I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to explain.I have been curious myself but didn’t want to ask since others had already asked but never answered. I bet it can be rough sometimes trying to explain things to people that come from all different backgrounds or experience betting on sports. Reading your explanation makes me trust your advice and expertise more than I already did. Class act Jd. Friday we jump back on the money train.

  9. Oh boy. Did you stay up to watch the Thunder lose to the Kings Jd? Thunder looked like they thought they had the game won with 3 minutes left and then Westbrook turned the ball over 2 times.I had a funny feeling today about this game so I decided not to bet on it. It actually felt like a TNT game where the worst team beats the best team.

  10. Yep I stayed up and watched it while working on Friday games. I had the same feeling. The Thunder towards the end of a road trip, Kings on TV nationally for the first time. I did not want to go against Thunder tho. What you saw tonight from Westbrook is why half of the talking sports heads here in Oklahoma had a problem with the contract extension.He has to learn his role and should never have 31 points and less than 5 assists. The argument is that he can try and score 30 plus a night, but only if he finds a way to get his assists up. With KD on the team we don’t need him to get 30 plus. Im going to finish up these other numbers real quick and call it a night.

  11. Leon told me you were good but damn boy,I might as well be paying a genie for telling me the future.

    It’s 5:41 AM in nyc and I was hoping to get a head start on Friday NBA projections??? :( My sad face ) Before I know it I will have to take my blood pressure meds just waiting on the projections.You need to help this old 50 yr old out.ha All jokes aside thank you for sharing these numbers they are better than any other projection website I have tried even the websites that ESPN advertises.Hopefully the scores will come up automatically soon like you said.You should know I will be a loyal member starting next week I already requested a withdrawal after joining 2/7.Listening to the other members win extra money betting on the other projections I wanted some of the action and it worked as advertised.I guess I am one of your intermediate members because I only bet $2720.00 per game but I plan on catching those big fish your serving.Bookmaker is sending me a check and say it should be here next Thursday. I was wondering if you would mind going ahead and adding me to your best membership because I plan on joining it as soon as that check comes in.I just feel better paying you with the money I made from here,an investing principle.Time to head to the office hope to hear back from you today about this and it would be nice if you can call the number on my account. Between 12 & 4 works best.

  12. Thank you sir, I appreciate your opinion. I don’t know what Leon told you but you should only believe the good stuff. :) You get up early, is it to beat the traffic? The projections will be posted at 10 am so about 1 hour and 15 minutes from now. I am central time and its 850am here. Hope that helps. I will give you a call to talk about your options. I don’t like business being talked about on the posts comments. Nobody really wants to read about it either, at least I know I wouldn’t at another site. Hope that makes sense. Talk to you soon.

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